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Our main goal is getting our customers the best quality at the best price.
We look forward to the opportunity to fill all your seafood needs.

Mike and Fred partnered up to form American Lobster Products in 2013. Through relationships forged over decades we are not only able to sell for our vendors but to supply them with the raw materials as well. Sourcing product from direct buy stations in key locations up and down the coast allow us advantageous pricing and the abililty to track lobsters from the boat to their final destination, the customer. Our extensive customer base provides us with market pricing throughout the world, giving us knowledge of the changing market conditions and price trends. We use this knowledge to better assist our vendors, so they can in turn better service you, the customer.

Fred Fullerton

Fred started his journey with seafood as a child. His father Willard was a Lobsterman who fished out of Beverley. He worked the back of a lobster boat for nearly five years before deciding to move into the retail side of the business. His first experience was at East Coast Seafood where he worked in the retail shop before becoming a packer/grader of lobsters. Over the next four years he worked at a couple different companies before moving back to East Coast as their Lobster Department Manager. He remained at this position for eight years before heading to Mortillaro Lobster. He was the production manager for 5 years. His final job before opening American Lobster Products was as the Lobster Department Manager of Ipswich Shellfish. In 2013 he partnered with Mike Melito to start American Lobster Products.

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Mike Melito

In 1985 Mike was a part time stern man for his friend James Sharp Jr. In 1989 he started the Melito Brothers Lobsters Co. Which was commercially successful for the four years it was in business. In 1993 after dissolving his partnership with his brother he began work at Commercial Lobster Co. where he increased sales by 50% within two years. In1996 he began Mike Melito Lobster/Black Duck Cove. He had two lobster pounds and eleven acres of waterfront property.
In 2007 after the economic crash Fred convinced Mike to join him at Ipswich Shellfish. After two years Mike left Ipswich to go back on his own. Over the next few years Mike and Fred continued to work together. Mike convinced Fred that he should join him as an equal partner to begin American Lobster Products.

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Email: MikeM@Americanlobsterproducts.com

Our Sales team

We have an accessible and personable sales team, experienced in the industry and able to address any issues that may arise. We are in constant communication with our vendors and our customers so that we have the most up to date information. This information allows us to help our customers and vendors both react appropriately to changing market conditions. With the accessibility of our sales team, available 24/7, we can assist and promptly address any issues that may arise including flight cancellations

Mike Devoe

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Carlie Melito

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Working with freight forwarders to get the lowest freight rate. Helps us keep shipping costs low and savings can be passed on to the customer. Using our network of freight forwarders we can ship anywhere in the world including Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. Our presence in all four of the major seafood markets give us a competitive edge in pricing.