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For the past 30 years Fred has been working in the seafood industry. Starting as a stern man on the back of his father’s boat in 1983 and continuing to be a lobsterman for the next three years. In 1986 the boat him and his brother owned caught fire catapulting Fred into the wholesale side of the industry. Over the next three years Fred would go on to work for Dimare Seafood, Atlantic Lobsterman Co-Op and East Coast Seafood. At East Coast Fred found the opportunity to grow in the industry, becoming the Night Manager and eventually becoming the Lobster Department Manager. He left in 1999 to take a job at Mortillaro Lobster. Working directly with Vince Mortillaro he began to learn the buying and selling part of the industry. 2004 was a year of change for Fred. He accepted a position at Ipswich Shellfish where he was able to put his accumulated knowledge to use. In the nine years there he took their sales from 1.5 million pounds to 10 million pounds annually. In 2013 Mike Melito finally convinced Fred to partner with him and start American Lobster Products.

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Mike has been involved in seafood for over 30 years. He started as a part time stern man in 1986, where he quickly discovered he had a passion for the industry. He started selling the lobsters that he caught directly to restaurants. In 1989 he decided that he wanted to make lobsters his full time profession. For four years Mike and his brother ran Melito Brothers Lobster Co. Despite their commercial success the brothers had disagreements and decided to dissolve the partnership. He then began working for Commercial Lobster Company in Boston. He increased sales by 50% in his first two years. It was during this time that Mike began to build a strong list of key suppliers that he still uses today. 1996 saw Mike start his own company Michael Melito Lobster/Black Duck Cove in Beals Island, ME. After the economic crash of 2000 Mike was forced to close up shop and rework his business model. Over the next seven years Mike forged strong relationships with Trenton Bride Lobster Pound and North Atlantic Lobster. In the spring of 2007 after speaking with Fred, who was the lobster department manager at the time, Mike accepted a position at Ipswich Shellfish to sell only their lobsters. He left after two years to go back to Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. From that point on he persuaded Fred to partner with him so that they could start American Lobster Products, convincing him finally in 2013.

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When Carlie was a young girl around four years old she fell in love with seafood, she would beg her father Mike to take her on deliveries and customer meetings. She dreamed of working with her father and immediately after high school she became the youngest saleswoman on our team. Her drive stems from her childhood enthusiasm for lobsters something not altogether common for a young girl. After her first year Carlie quickly realized that this was not just a dream but her passion as well compelling her to learn and grow as a saleswoman at a rapid rate.

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Mike has been involved directly in the seafood industry for around nine years now but it has been part of his whole life. His father was a Fisherman and he grew up living in the industry. He first started working with Fred at East Coast, Mortillaro and then later on at Ipswich Shellfish. At East Coast he was tasked with cleaning the lobster pool and taught about the packing process. During his time at Mortillaro he would pack and grade the lobsters, but he quickly became the second shift manager at Ipswich Shellfish. Helping to track and grade the quality of the lobsters. He was also in charge of receiving and purchasing of the local fishermen. He took some time away from the industry to focus on school and working with special needs children in New Hampshire. He has a great relationship with the fishermen in Beverly and he uses this relationship to help bolster our available product.

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Fred has been surrounded by the industry most of his life, he first started working in Seafood at 17 during the summer of 2006. He worked for Ipswich Shellfish for two summers before joining the Army. When he returned he began working for Ipswich Shellfish again. Although he started off packing and grading lobsters he ended his time as the third shift leader of the lobster department. In 2013 Fred left Ipswich Shellfish and began working for Ipswich Maritime Products. He began as a plant worker/route driver but the general manager saw potential in Fred and hoped to foster it by teaching him the clam side of the business. Over the next three years Fred would work hand in hand with the GM gaining valuable insight into the clam business. In 2016 Fred accepted an offer to come work at American Lobster Products Inc.

Phone: (978)561-3063


Working with freight forwarders to get the lowest freight rate. Helps us keep shipping costs low and savings can be passed on to the customer. Using our network of freight forwarders we can ship anywhere in the world including Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. Our presence in all four of the major seafood markets give us a competitive edge in pricing.